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DRC Drug Research Center Ltd is conducting Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV clinical
trials since 1997 for Hungarian and International Sponsors.

What are clinical trials?

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Present ongoing trials:


You have type 2 or 1 diabetes, previous heart attack, stroke, and / or have peripheral artery disease;


You have been treated by nephrologist and have impaired renal function;


Having high cholesterol and / or uric acid levels, you are under treatment by your GP;


uffer from inflammatory bowel disease (e.g. Chron, Collitis Ulcerosa).


you have Rheumatoid Arthritis

In the event you are interested to participate in an ongoing clinical investigation then your registration should be forwarded by filling out the registration form, see below or by calling our number, +36 87 481616


If you as a healthy volunteer wish to participate in Phase I. trials for remuneration in the future or as a patient in clinical trials which is suitable for your health condition, please also fill out the below registration form or call the number.

How to participate in a clinical study?

Fields of Expertise

DRC has expertise on the following medical fields:

Clinical pharmacology

Internal medicine


Diabetes and metabolic diseases



Cardiovascular illness

Allergic illness

Respiratory illness


Phase I Trials

The early phase studies are conducted in our 16-bed Phase I. Unit, which is a strictly controlled hospitalized area, accredited in every three (3) years by the National Authority (OGYÉI). Our Unit is suitable for both, short and long term hospitalizations. Each bed, bathroom and toilet are equipped with nurse call system. The emergency background for constant safety is provided by the Intensive Care Unit of the State Heart Hospital, located in the same building as the Phase I Unit. The recreation room, the segregated drug storage, and the sample handling room also supports the operation of our Phase I Unit. Further a freezer- and ultra-low temperature freezer capacity equipped with an alarm system and a continuous- and telemetric monitoring of volunteers are also available.

Types of clinical investigations conducted at our Phase I. Unit:
Phase I-II Proof-of-Concept [POC]
Adaptive design studies: healthy volunteer and patient
First in Human [FIH]
Single Ascending Dose [SAD], Multiple Ascending Dose [MAD]
Bioavailabilty/Bioequivalence [BA/BE]
Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics [PK/PD]
Dose ranging and Tolerability studies
Food Effect studies
Drug-Drug interaction studies

The more than 80 successfully completed Phase I. clinical studies prove DRC’s international professional recognition and experience.

For Phase I clinical trials DRC, in cooperation with its partner organization is also capable to provide full service, from protocol design to report writing, including biostatistics, bio-analytics and data management.

Phase II – IV. Clinical trials

Our Phase II, III and IV clinical studies are completed in the central building of DRC in strict compliance with applicable GCP regulations.

As a result of our past operation we have gained wide experience in clinical trials involving conventional products, small molecules, and biological or bio-similar drug candidates.

Until now we have successfully completed more than 75 Phase II, around 200 Phase III and 20 Phase IV trials. For your request we will provide you with a list of references. 

Recruitment of patients is supported by our expanding database. By using database, patients can be selected with great security and speed.

Clinical Trials for medical devices:

In light of new legal requirements DRC welcomes request to deliver clinical trials for clinical

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